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Road work steams ahead in Iglulik
Stretch to Iglulik Point underway; proposed new road would open lots for development

Derek Neary
Northern News Services
Monday, July 10, 2017

Two road projects are providing summer employment in Iglulik and one may create home building opportunities.

Improvements to the eight-kilometre road to Iglulik Point began on June 27 and the work is expected to wrap up around mid-month, said Greg Morash, Iglulik's senior administrative officer. It has led to the hiring of several workers. That project received $200,000 through the Community Transportation Initiatives Program under the Department of Economic Development and Transportation, according to the GN. The work entails replacing culverts, surface repairs and widening the route.

The area is frequently used by hunters, fishers, outfitters and tourists, a government statement indicates.

Morash said he's hopeful additional funding will be available next summer to put another layer of gravel along the stretch.

"It was a trail, so now we're trying to make it a road so that trucks can drive down without ripping out their suspension," he said. "It's a place where people like to gather for picnics, some people camp out there. It's sort of a recreational spot ... a serene place where people can go out and get away from the hustle and bustle."

The Hamlet of Igloolik is carrying out the work due to the community's contractor being fully engaged with local water and sewage upgrades, Morash noted.

The second road project, consisting of approximately three to four kilometres, entails the construction of a new road within Iglulik's municipal boundaries. It will open up close to 10 new lots for development, Morash said.

"People do want to build houses and they'll have a different area to go into. We can start developing," Morash said.

"I don't know if we'll finish it this year but it will be a good start."

That proposal was going before hamlet council last week after being recommended by the community's lands committee. If approved, the work would begin following the completion of the Iglulik Point road project.

"That will keep our guys busy for the next little while," said Morash.

Mayor Celestino Uyarak was travelling last week and was unavailable for comment.

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