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Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Council accepts pool funds

City council unanimously voted to accept federal funding to replace the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool Monday.

The city will receive $12.9 million that can be used for design and construction costs. The city must contribute at least $4.3 million and have the building finished by 2022. A precise cost and location haven't been determined yet.

It's expected the city will begin consultations, including a committee, that will produce a design prior to giving a final go-ahead on construction.

- Shane Magee

Dead North registration open

Registration is open for the fifth annual Dead North Film Festival.

The show is open to any Northerner wishing to submit a horror, sci-fi, fantasy or thriller-themed film.

Those involved will get help making a 10-minute movie, which will be screened at the Capitol Theatre at the end of February.

Both amateur and seasoned filmmakers are welcome to enter the festival until Nov. 30.

- Kirsten Fenn

Snow removal help needed

The snow is here and the city is looking for people who can help their neighbours clear it away.

Residents who can shovel driveways, walkways and steps for people in need are invited to volunteer with Yellowknife's Snow Angels program.

Snow Angels works to match residents who are not capable of clearing their own snowy walkways with nearby residents who can.

Registration for the program is available on the City of Yellowknife website.

- Kirsten Fenn

Changes to WSCC possible

The Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission is hosting a public meeting to get feedback on 10 proposed changes to the Workers' Compensation Act of the Northwest Territories.

A full list of the proposed changes, as well as the rationale for each, is available on the WSCC's website, including a feedback questionnaire, due by Dec. 19. The meeting will be held on Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Yellowknife Public Library meeting room.

- Jessica Davey-Quantick

Senior men's hockey league starts

Rankin Inlet

The Rankin Inlet Senior Men's Hockey League kicked off its 2016-17 season with a double-header of action at the arena this past Sunday, Nov. 13.

The league has a new look this season, dropping its A and B Division formats for a single division of five teams.

Competing for the championship this year will be A&K, KIA, M&T, Canadrill and Kativik.

League action is scheduled to continue tonight, Nov. 16, at 8 p.m.

Time to get set


Schools across the Kivalliq region will be participating in a Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Challenge throughout the month of November.

Each school has received its supplies for its students to complete a challenge before the end of the month.

A SET Challenge is a problem-based activity that can promote the development of knowledge, skills and positive attitudes in the areas of science, engineering and technology.

These activities foster the growth of problem solving skills, science process skills, communication skills, teamwork, and co-operation.

SET Challenges also reinforce many of the common essential leanings or core values of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ).

This year's theme is Mannik Madness (Egg Madness), with students co-operating within teams to design and construct solutions to problems involving eggs.

The activities encourage students to use their imagination, as well as their hands in developing their solutions.

There are five different construction challenges for different grade levels in the school this year.

Successful week


Not only was the Remembrance Day ceremony at Tuugaalik High School on Nov. 9 one of the most impressive in recent memory, the event also capped a successful poppy drive by the local cadets.

Despite having only a couple of days to sell their poppies due to mail delays, the Naujaat cadets managed to raise $325 through their sales.

The money raised will used to help support veteran programs.

Beating the cough


The Government of Nunavut (GN) is attempting to get the territory's students in Grade 6 to Grade 9 immunized by Christmas in its ongoing efforts to contain the largest whooping cough outbreak on record in Nunavut.

The disease attacks the throat and lungs and is easily passed from person to person.

Whopping cough is a serious infliction, which can be fatal.

Symptoms include an unusual whoop sound or funny-sounding cough following a person's initial cough. The cough can also be followed be vomiting or difficulty in breathing.

The GN has been battling the disease since its initial outbreak this past March.

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