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Hackers hit Centre for Northern Families site
The centre's executive director, Arlene Hache, said it doesn't know why the site was targeted

Miranda Scotland
Northern News Services
Published Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Centre for Northern Families website was shut down Wednesday after it was hacked by a group called Myanmar Hackers Unite4m.

NNSL photo/graphic

Any internet users visiting the Centre for Northern Families website Wednesday were greeted with this message from a group that calls themselves Myanmar Hackers Unite4m.

Visitors to the site were were greeted with the masked figure from V for Vendetta and a notice that the group had broken into the site.

"I'm floored," said Arlene Hache, the centre's executive director, shortly after she heard the news. "We are a small organization so I'm not quite sure why we would be important."

A Facebook page for the hackers, which was linked to on the message they left on the centre's website, said the group hacks "to show the power of Myanmar to the world."

A post on the page listed 31 websites the group had broken into. On it was the, and, among others. The group also promised that "more & more will be coming soon."

Hache said she doesn't know who the group is or when they hacked the centre's site but her people are working on a solution.

"We rely on the website to provide the public with information and to access donations, so it's not good. We have to be on top of it and get it fixed right away," she said, adding this is the first time something like this has happened.

"I'm just a little confused about what would be so fun or critical about interrupting our work or our information or our capacity to raise funds."

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