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Kam Lake waterfront made accessible

Miranda Scotland
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yellowknifers will have access to Kam Lake's waterfront and may see an extension to the city's existing trail system if Homes North is given the go ahead to develop Block 501.

The developer revealed plans for the new subdivision Thursday at an open house for the residential development, which would be located adjacent to Coronation Drive and across Kam Lake Road from Bourque Drive and Demelt Crescent.

Homes North manager Sandra McDaniel said the feedback from the public at the event was very positive.

Some residents even wanted to know when they could start buying.

"We just saw a show of faith from the public. Everyone's excited about the new neighborhood ... It's nice to have that enthusiasm," she said. "We are anxious to get going and start something new in this community."

Homes North has a number of requirements to pass before it can start construction on the project. As a result, McDaniel said she is uncertain when the company will start bringing in the modular homes but she expects it could be sometime this summer. Homes North will be putting in 115 single-family homes and 200 multi-family units, according to McDaniel.

The company is currently leveling part of its property in order to put in the road. It is also preparing to install water and sewer lines.

The developer hasn't yet decided how much the residences will cost.

Yellowknifer Greg Merrithew, one of close to 40 people to attend the open house, said he was excited at the possibility of more housing options in Yellowknife.

The city has been focused on developing Niven Lake for too long, he said. It's great they decided to look elsewhere.

"I think it's a good idea," Merrithew said. "The area is excellent because Kam Lake is one of the hidden jewels of Yellowknife."

Coming into the open house, Merrithew did have some concerns about how the development would affect traffic flow in the area but that worry was laid to rest after the traffic report was presented.

"The traffic from the new subdivision will be manageable with the current road infrastructure," said Stantec representative Walter Orr, adding some minor changes may be needed, however.

"The recommendation in the traffic study was to convert Finlayson Drive and Kam Lake Road to a four-way stop from the current straight-through on Kam Lake Road and the stop sign on Finlayson."

The report also noted an issue with visibility on Kam Lake Road near Coronation Drive. However, the city is considering removing rock from the area to alleviate the problem, according to Mayor Gord Van Tighem.

"We are still in the early stages of a development permit so specific finite decisions haven't been made yet," he said.

In the future more changes may need to be made to ensure smooth traffic flow, added Orr.

"Within 20 years or so the overall traffic on Kam Lake Road from other developments would be anticipated to raise the traffic enough that they need to add a traffic light at the Finlayson and Kam Lake Road intersection," he said. "But it's not required currently or within the next several years of construction of the subdivision."

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