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Family time
Monthly Ingamo Hall event brings community together

Aaron Beswick
Northern News Services
Published Thursday, December 23, 2010

INUVIK - Ingamo Hall was a picture of pleasant chaos on Dec. 15.

NNSL photo/graphic

While youth were busy with the open mic and craft tables, adult attendees at family night were playing snurt and catching up on conversation. Pictured are, from left, Scott Kasook, Marlo Allen, Shaelyn Allen, Miranda Pingo and Cheryl Kirby. - Aaron Beswick/NNSL photos

Charleigh Maring-Blake cut lengths of yarn for Christmas stockings while three-year-old Alandra Hicks intently rolled putty into varied faces of wonder and joy, then squished them up to begin anew.

Onstage, a crowd of youngsters at times sang Christmas carols, as others just talked about whatever they wanted until another came and demanded a turn at the microphone.

At the far end of the hall, adults lay on their bellies in a circle playing snurt, content to let the young enjoy enjoy each other's crafts and company.

"It's Christmas, what else would we be doing?" responded Scott Kasook when asked what brought him out. "We're coming together as a community."

Just what Delores Harley of the Inuvik Community Corporation likes to hear.

The family nights, sponsored by the Not Us Campaign, have been running for three months and will continue once a month until their funding runs out in March. Food and drinks are provided, along with craft supplies. There's no entrance fee and everyone's invited.

"We've been getting more and more people every time," said Harley, estimating 100 people attended their most recent event.

"It's a safe, warm environment where we get to spend quality family time, get to catch up with one another."

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