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Carnival rolls into town

Adrian Lysenko
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SOMBA K'E/YELLOWKNIFE - If you were in the mood last weekend to eat old-fashioned fair food like cotton candy and hotdogs, and risk losing them on a few stomach-churning rides, chances are you found your way out to the intersection of Old Airport Road and Highway 3, where the carnival rolled into town.

NNSL photo/graphic

Torin Raymond, 3, enjoys some cotton candy at the carnival on Old Airport Road on Saturday. - Adrian Lysenko/NNSL photo

The Skymaster, a two-arm pendulum-type swing, was Hunter Drybones-Ricks' favourite ride.

"In the front it's really scary," said Drybones-Ricks, who brought his friend Gus Casaway to the carnival.

"He'd never been to the fair and it's only here once a year."

James Sanderson and his family drove out from Dettah to check out the carnival. His first try at the roll-a-ball won him a large stuffed gorilla.

"My children wanted to come and check out the games. It's a family outing," he said.

Barry Gaulton brought his son and his son's friend to see what all the fuss was all about.

"Like any carnival I enjoy playing darts, throwing the balls and knocking over the cups," said Gaulton. "Cotton candy is always a crowd pleaser."

Jason Perrino said he decided to pass on most of the food.

"We ate before we got here," said Perrino. "(I am) not big on $5 hotdogs."

Food doesn't always mix well with carnival rides, anyway.

"We got butterflies in our stomachs," said Nicole Cohen, 6, about her experience on the twirling cups with her friend Brooklyn McLaughlin, 7. They also enjoyed the bumper cars.

Sommer Snow said she enjoyed all the rides but the Skymaster and the ferris wheel were her favourites. As for food she avoided the usual carnival cuisine.

"I'm good with a slushy," she said.

Courtney King said she and her friends took full advantage of the opportunity presented by the fair.

"We live in a small town," said King. "It doesn't come often."

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