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Athletes return with ribbons

Roxanna Thompson
Northern News Services
Published Thursday, June 10, 2010

HAY RIVER - Students from five Deh Cho schools tested their abilities during the 2010 Track and Field Championships.

The championships took place in Hay River from June 2 to 4. Deh Cho participants included teams from Jean Marie River, Kakisa, Fort Providence and both Fort Simpson schools.

NNSL photo/graphic

Linden Minoza of Deh Gah School hurls a javelin in the midget boys division at the 2010 Track and Field Championships. - James McCarthy/NNSL photoo

The team from Deh Gah School returned with 14 ribbons all won by male team members. Their success allowed the school to finish 12th out of 26 schools in the mens' events. Thomas Simpson School finished in 15th followed by Bompas Elementary School in 18th.

Teacher Mike Leishman led the ribbon winnings for the 48 person team. Leishman took first place in his three field events, shot put, javelin and discus, and fourth in the masters 100m.

Leishman broke his previous best record, 9.62 metres, in shot put by throwing 9.71 on his second attempt.

"I grunted quite loudly. It felt good," he said about the throw.

Leishman began competing in track and field last year.

"I really like all the throwing events," he said.

Many of the team's student athletes did quite well, said Leishman. A number of students, including Mikaela Vandell, finished in seventh place in the qualifiers for their events but only the top six advance to the finals.

Rudy Landry was one of the students who competed in the finals. He took fifth place in the bantam 800 metre and also competed in the 1,500 metre, long jump and shot put.

Landry, 13, said his best performance was in the 800 metre. The competition was fast and you have to pace yourself over the two laps, he said. Landry's favourite event is the 1,500 metre.

"I like running," he said.

Garret Bonnetrouge, 15, also competed in the finals. Bonnetrouge took fifth in the midget 200 metre and sixth in long jump.

Bonnetrouge said he enjoys running the shorter distances. With the 200 metre only covering half a track it's a sprint race.

"Just sprint the whole way," said Bonnetrouge summing up his race strategy.

Some of the 15 athletes from Bompas Elementary School and five from Thomas Simpson School also returned with ribbons. Bompas finished 16th out of 26 in the women's team rankings.

All but three of Bompas' 13 ribbons were in track events and the awards were for the longer distances including the 400, 800 and 1,000 metre races.

"All the kids did well. They tried their little hearts out," said Berni Leader, one of the team's coaches.

One of the challenges at the championships was the heat with the temperature rising into the mid 20s.

"Regardless of how hot it was they didn't complain. They entered in every single event they were registered for," Leader said.

Lia Fabre-Dimsdale, 10, finished with three ribbons. Fabre-Dimsdale said she enjoyed the 800 metre peewee race where she finished third.

"It was easier than the 1,000 metre race," she said.

"I had a lot of fun."

Fabre-Dimsdale also competed in the 1,000 metre. With two and a half laps to run you have to start a bit fast and then try to stay in the middle of the pack to save your energy, she said. As you near the finish line you run as fast as you can.

"I was really proud of myself after," said Fabre-Dimsdale about her fifth place performance.

Track and field results:

Bompas Elementary School:

Trent Arden - 3rd 1,000m peewee, 4th long jump, 6th 800 metre

Shanelle Arden - 4th peewee 800m, 4th 1,000 metre

Harley Betsedea - 6th bantam 800 metre

Marie Clement-Hardisty - 1st tyke standing long jump

Lia Fabre-Dimsdale - 3rd peewee 800 metre, 6th 400 metre, 5th 1,000 metre

Sage Fabre-Dimsdale - 4th tyke 400 metre, 4th 800 metre, 4th standing long jump

Thomas Simpson School:

Alex Roche - 2nd midget 100m, 3rd javelin throw

Anthony Roche - 2nd junior javelin, 3rd shot put, 4th 100 metre

Deh Gah School:

Garret Bonnetrouge - 5th midget 200 metre, 6th long jump

Jeff Clemens - 2nd senior 800 metre

Aaron Freitas - 4th senior 5,000 metre

Nogha Landry - 4th bantam triple jump

Rudy Landry - 5th bantam 800m

Mike Leishman - 1st masters shot put, 1st discus, 1st javelin, 4th 100 metre

Adam Nadli - 4th tyke ball throw

Roland Nadli - 2nd junior 200 metre, 4th long jump, 6th 100m

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