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Soccer day for elementary students

Andrew Rankin
Northern News Services
Published Thursday, May 6, 2010

INUVIK - At first Billie Jean Conley, Caitlyn Church and Chris-Lin Hvatum were disappointed they wouldn't be able to compete at the annual Super Soccer tournament in Yellowknife last month.

The trio was hoping to showcase their skills against some of the territories' finest soccer talent in their age category.

NNSL photo/graphic

From top, clockwise, Chris-Lin Hvatum, Billie Jean Conley and Caitlyn Church are looking forward to their own soccer tournament that will be held at Sir Alexander Mackenzie School on May 14. - Andrew Rankin/NNSL photo

But the Grade 4 Sir Alexander Mackenzie School students will gladly take the consolation prize of a full school day of soccer on Friday, May 14.

"Whenever I get a chance to play, I'll play," said Hvatum.

The event is being organized by the school's gym teacher Shane Brewster who said the upcoming event is planned in part to make up for missing the tournament.

"We like to see our students travelling to compete in different sporting events but unfortunately Super Soccer didn't work out this year, so we're trying to make up for that," he said.

The school usually hosts about four intramural days a year for students in Grades 4 to 6, where they play their favourite sport all day, such as basketball or floor hockey. They even get to stick around during lunch hour.

"It allows them the chance to play in a tournament where some of them don't get to travel," he said. "The kids are pretty excited, especially where they get to watch each other play. It's a nice break."

The girls can't wait and they're hoping to play on the same team. According to them, they possess all the essential elements of a winning team: Conley has a reputation for being a great goalie; Church, a stellar scorer and Hvatum, a relentless, talented defender.

"The game is so fun and we have so much fun when we play together," Conley said.

Church couldn't agree more.

"We make a great team," she said.

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