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iPhone obsessed

Andrew Rankin
Northern News Services
Published Thursday, May 27, 2010

INUVIK - Chayne Rogers knows he has a serious obsession. But he makes no apologies for it.

The Apple-iPhone is the object of his affection - and he spends about six hours a day playing with it.

NNSL photo/graphic

Bob Valleau, project manager for the Dehcho Hall demolition, stands in the building's kitchen and points to an area of non-asbestos tiling while standing on a different type of tiles that contain asbestos. - Roxanna Thompson/NNSL photo

"I don't look away from it," he said.

"We're inseparable unless it's charging and I wish I had a portable charger in my pocket," he said with a laugh.

He's among international masses who have taken to this piece of technology, which includes, among other things, an iPod, a video camera, a mobile Internet device.

"I think it's off the hook," said Rogers.

He's only had his prized possession for just over a month but already he's figured out how to access about 30 different phone applications for which he would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars. The process, he said, is called jail breaking, where he downloads coded information online that allows him access to those programs.

It's his dream gadget, he explains, allowing him the convenience of taking photos and monitoring his Facebook account.

He's most proud of being the only iPhone user in Inuvik on the Ice wireless system, which, he said offers the best cellular service because, among other things, the reception is much better, cheaper and there are no long term contracts involved.

To get on the network he was able to "unlock" his phone which was set up to be compatible only with the Rogers cellular network.

"It's good to have bragging rights but it's not like a lot of people care that I'm on the system. But I think it's a big deal."

The tech savvy 24-year-old possesses a wide range of gadgets, including an MP3 player watch and another watch that can transform into his TV remote control.

His girlfriend Kelly Bullock said she is OK with his obsession, calling his knack for technology "pretty cool."

Rogers is already looking forward to purchasing the new and improved version complete with a front-facing video chat camera. He plans to sell his current phone to buy the new one.

"It's a phone; it's a camera; it's everything," he said. "I think everyone should have one."

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