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Lutsel K'e searching for shooter

Katie May
Northern News Services
Published Monday, November 30, 2009

LUTSEL K'E/SNOWDRIFT - No one has yet come forward to Lutsel K'e police with information about the pellet-like gun shooting of a local teacher earlier this month.

Jennifer Pott, who has been teaching in Lutsel K'e for two years, received minor injuries when she was struck in her leg and near her right eye with a pellet gun-style weapon while out skiing on Remembrance Day.

RCMP have no suspects and residents of the community are worried the incident reflects badly on them.

The Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation held its annual general meeting from Nov. 23 to 27, covering everything from band operations to education. Chief Steven Nitah said those who attended the meeting last Thursday devoted a couple of hours to discussing the incident.

"The community feels that the actions of an individual should not be portrayed and be painted as one on the whole community," Nitah said.

"That's how it seems to be played out in the media. Of course people don't accept this as reflective of the entire community. It's an (incident) of an individual or individuals, not the community. This is not something we do in Lutsel K'e. We're people that take care of one another, who support each other. We try to create an environment where peace and safety is something that we all respect and appreciate."

He said people are concerned about Pott, who is "a very popular person in the community," and they're surprised no one has admitted responsibility.

"It is surprising. Maybe it's a tendency of protection for family. If that's the case I think it's best that it's brought out in the open," Nitah said.

Lutsel K'e Dene School principal Sheila Cavanagh said those close to Pott are waiting for answers.

"We're still waiting to hear who's responsible for that so I'm a bit disappointed, I guess, that we haven't heard and that the individual hasn't come forward."

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