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New restaurant serves up variety

Lauren McKeon
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SOMBA K'E/YELLOWKNIFE - Jim Hudym, known by many devoted pizza fans as "Papa Jim," is set to delight tastebuds once again this February.

His new restaurant, dubbed Papa Jim's Roadhouse and to be located inside the Chateau Nova hotel, will serve up more than pizza pies.

Papa Jim, also known as Jim Hudym, is set to prepare a host of food in his new restaurant, set to open to Chateau Nova hotel-goers first in February. - Andrew Livingstone/NNSL photo

"I believe in Yellowknife we have a lack of choices," said Hudym.

On his new menu, Hudym plans to host ethnic cooking months featuring food from places around the globe.

From Mongolian and Ukranian to Mexican food, Hudym will pick a new taste palette to feature each month.

"I think a lot of people will like it," he said, adding the venture is his "call for variety" in the city.

Eaters fondly reminiscent of Hudym's pizza joint, Papa Jim's Pizzeria, however, can also rest assured: "The pizza stays," he said.

While Hudym is keeping the new menu - which will feature breakfast, lunch and dinner items - close under wraps, he said it will mainly feature Canadian cuisine.

"I'm going to have fun with my menu," he added.

Hudym is well aware expectations will be running high after his successful stint at the pizzeria.

"I'm taking this as a big challenge ... this is a big bound for me," he said.

So far, Hudym has tried out his new menu on three dinner parties - all to good reviews, he said.

The new restaurant, which he is renovating, seats about 60 and has a side lounge area, said Jenni Bruce, Chateau Nova hotel manager.

Bruce, who said people have stopped her in the street and messaged her on Facebook about the new restaurant, is one of the many people looking forward to Hudym's return to Yellowknife's food scene.

"I think (the restaurant) will create a lot more local awareness because (Jim) is a well-known figure in town," said Bruce.

"He's such a personable guy and it's the standard we want in the hotel. We thought it would be a nice fit," she added.

But it's not all business.

"He was originally in Papa Jim's across the street. The staff just loved it - loved the pizza and loved the service," said Bruce.

And as for her?

"Oh I loved his donairs," gushed Bruce, who said she was a donair junkie.

And while only Hudym knows whether donairs will be on the menu come February, plenty of variety-hungry Yellowknifers are sure to find something new or an old favourite on his menu.