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Track and field stars

Roxanna Thompson
Northern News Services
Published Thursday, June 12, 2008

HAY RIVER - Medals clanked and ribbons fluttered as Deh Cho athletes returned home from the NWT Track and Field Championships.

A number of schools from across the Deh Cho sent athletes to the meet held in Hay River from June 4 to 6. One student and two adults from Fort Simpson placed in the top three of their age division at the competition.

NNSL Photo/Graphic

Aaron Grossetete from Thomas Simpson school launches a shotput during the NWT Track and Field Championships. - Natalie Dunleavy/NNSL photo

Alicia Norris returned to Bompas elementary school with a gold medal around her neck.

"I felt really proud of myself," Norris said.

She placed first in the Bantam 1,500, 800 and 400-metre events. Long distance running is Norris' strong point.

"I'm not much of a sprinter. I'm more keep your pace," she said.

Some of Norris' strongest competition came in the 400-metre finals where she raced against five other runners including her classmates Madison Pilling and Sherissa Grossetete. Norris won the race by less than a second over her closest competitor.

"The other girl was right behind me," she said.

Grossetete and Pilling were also in close pursuit taking third and fourth place respectively. The race was definitely a close one, said Grossetete.

"It felt great," she said about crossing the finish line.

Although she didn't place in it Grossetete said her favourite event was triple jump.

"It's kind of fun," said Grossetete.

"It's different from the other ones because you hop, step and jump."

In the adult competition Kristen Morrison, one of the coaches for the Thomas Simpson school's team, took silver in the senior division. Fellow coach Karen Gelderman won bronze in the master division.

"Karen is an inspiration," said Morrison.

Gelderman, who is leaving the school this year, has been a big part of the track and field team, Morrison said.

"We'll definitely miss having her around," she said.

A number of the high school's team members also put in strong performances at the meet. Logan Donovan took first in the 200 and 400-metre Juvenile events and third in the 100-metre.

"People's heads were turning," said Morrison about his performance.

"If he has the passion for it he's going to be unstoppable."

Other notable performance came from Alex Roche, Devan Cli, Ramona Menicoche and Skyler Tanche-Villeneuve.

"They all did really well," said Morrison.

Thomas Simpson school won a bronze medal in grand aggregate. In the women's team rankings the female participants from Thomas Simpson placed ninth, Bompas elementary school placed 11th, Deh Gah school placed 22nd and Chief Julian Yendo placed 25th..

In the men's team rankings Deh Gah school placed 16th and Bompas elementary placed 19th.


Track and field results:


Dahetlea Antoine (Bompas)- 4th in Tyke shot put

Leah Fabre-Dimsdale (Bompas) 6th in Tyke ball throw

Emily Verge (Bompas)-5th in Tyke 50-metre, 4th in Tyke 200-metre, 4th in Tyke 400-metre

Sarah Verge (Bompas)- 2nd in Tyke shot put

Janelle Bruneau (Chief Julian Yendo)- 6th in Peewee 800-metre, 2nd in peewee shot put

Leah Burwash (Bompas)- 4th in peewee 100-metre, 5th in peewee long jump

Jessica Clillie (Chief Julian Yendo)- 6th in peewee 1,000-metre

Aleyx Smith (Bompas)- 4th in peewee 800-metre, 2nd in peewee 1,000-metre, 4th in peewee triple jump

Alicia Norris (Bompas)- 1st in bantam 400-metre, 1st in bantam 800-metre, 1st in bantam 1,500-metre

Sherissa Grossetete (Bompas)- 3rd in bantam 400-metre

Madison Pilling (Bompas)- 4th in bantam 400-metre, 3rd in bantam 800-metre, 2nd in bantam 1,500-metre

Cynthia Landry (Deh Gah)- 5th in midget 3,000-metre

Emma Squirrel (Deh Gah)- 6th in Midget shot put

Ramona Menicoche (TSS)- 3rd in juvenile shot put, 1st in juvenile discus

Shelagh Byatt (TSS)- 3rd in juvenile discus

Charlene Gargan (TSS)- 6th in junior 200-meter

Alison Minoza (Deh Gah)-2nd in junior shot put, 2nd in junior discus

Adeline Landry (Deh Gah)- 4th in junior shot put

Daphne Squirrel (TSS)- 5th in junior shot put

Jessie Loutit (TSS)- 1st in senior high jump, 2nd in senior triple jump

Keri-Ann Loutit (TSS)- 2nd in senior 100-metre, 2nd in senior long jump

Kristen Morrison (TSS)- 1st in senior shot put, 1st in senior discus, 1st in Senior javelin

Karen Gelderman (TSS)- 2nd in master 400-metre, 4th in master shot put, 1st in Master discus, 2nd in Senior javelin


Wade Sanderson (Deh Gah)- 6th in Tyke long jump

Nathaniel Tsetso (Bompas)- 4th in Tyke 50-metre

Kevin Anavilok-Roche (Bompas)- 4th in peewee high jump, 6th in peewee shot put

Michael Gast (Bompas)- 2nd in peewee high jump

Tyler Lafferty (Bompas)- 4th in peewee 400-metre, 5th in peewee 800-metre

Garret Bonnetrouge (Deh Gah)- 1st in bantam 100-metre, 1st in bantam 200-metre, 3rd in bantam ball throw

Devan Cli (TSS)- 5th in bantam 400-metre, 3rd in bantam 800-metre, 2nd in bantam 1,500-metre

Alex Keefe (Bompas)- 6th in bantam triple jump

Alex Roche (TSS)- 2nd in bantam 100-meter, 1st in bantam long jump, 4th in bantam discus

Logan Donovan (TSS)- 3rd juvenile 100-metre, 1st in juvenile 200-metre, 1st in juvenile 400-metre

Thomas Roche (TSS)- 4th in juvenile 100-metre

Cameron Sapp (Deh Gah)- 5th in juvenile 5,000-metre, 2nd in juvenile long jump, 2nd in juvenile shot put

Gordon Thompson (Bompas)- 3rd in Juvenile 5,000-metre

Skyler Tanche-Villeneuve (TSS)- 3rd in Senior long jump, 5th in senior shot put, 3rd in senior javelin throw.