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Hitting the bull's-eye

Darrell Greer
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RANKIN INLET - The Repulse Bay cadet marksmanship team captured first place in the Eastern Arctic division of the Cadet Regional Marksmanship Competition in Yellowknife earlier this month.

The win marked the first time the Repulse cadets earned medals at the event.

More than 50 participants from 13 communities across the North competed at the competition.

NNSL Photo/Graphic

The team of Master Cpl. Kenny Sivanertok, Cadet Lorane Siusangnark, Warrant Officer Jolene Angotingoar, Civilian Instructor Janey Meredyk (coach), Cadet Jermaine Ivalutanar, Master Cpl. Scottie Mapsalak and 2nd Lieut. Jennifer Perry, from left, took the Eastern Arctic title at the Cadet Regional Marksmanship Competition in Yellowknife earlier this month. - photo courtesy of Jennifer Perry

The Repulse team consisted of Warrant Officer Jolene Angotingoar, Master Cpl. Kenny Sivanertok, Master Cpl. Scottie Mapsalak, Cadet Lorane Siusangnark and Cadet Jermaine Ivalutanar.

Angotingoar also took first place in the open category, making her the top shot among cadets from the Eastern Arctic, while Siusangnark took second spot in the junior category.

Iqaluit took second in the Eastern Arctic division, while Rankin Inlet captured third.

Six cadet corps participated in the Eastern Arctic division, while five competed for both the Central and Western Arctic regions.

Cambridge Bay had the highest marks at the event, earning the right to compete at the National Cadet Air Rifle Championship in Vancouver, B.C., from May 4-11.

Commanding officer 2nd Lieut. Jennifer Perry said the Repulse cadets are extremely proud of their gold medals, as is their longtime shooting instructor.

"Civilian Instructor (CI) Janey Meredyk has been our corps marksmanship coach for a long time and finally saw our cadets earn medals at the competition," said Perry.

"She's (Meredyk) very excited about the win because this is her last year with our cadets.

"She's leaving the North after the school year, so it was quite special for our cadets to take the Eastern Arctic title in her final year."

Perry said the Repulse cadets were a bit nervous about going up to accept their medals, but were quite pleased once they were around their necks.

She said taking gold was an extra-sweet win for Angotingoar, who has been going to the competition for the past five years.

"Our cadets did a lot more practising in preparation for the competition this year.

"They shot for an hour almost every day after school during the three weeks before the event and that had a lot to do with our success.

"We also had three senior cadets on the team who knew and understood the shooting game and weren't nervous about the competition aspect of the event.

"This group didn't just go to Yellowknife for the trip, they went to compete and that made a huge difference in our overall performance."

Officer Cadet Dorothy Tootoo said the Rankin team comprised Warrant Officer Chris Ussak, Pte. Adam Ussak, Pte. Brandon Nakoolak, Cpl. Clarissa Ussak and Master Cpl. Carmen Napayok.

She said the Rankin cadets were proud of their effort at the event.

"Master Cpl. Ussak came in third overall in the open category for our region, which was very exciting," said Tootoo.

"Three of our five cadets at the competition produced a personal-best score, while all our cadets made new friends and had a great time at the event.

"It was a lot of fun for everyone involved."

The cadets fire a Daisy air rifle from the prone position at the competition.

The targets are about 10-metres away from the shooters, with each cadet given 30 minutes to complete a firing round.

Perry said a cadet can score anywhere from zero to 100 during a round.

"There are 10 targets to a round, so the cadets have 30 minutes to zero in and fire one counting shot at each one.

"It's a bull's-eye type of target and the cadets can score between zero to 10 for each target.

"Our cadets were scoring around 88 or 89 per round, so they were shooting very well.

"The cadets shoot once in the morning and again in the afternoon, with all the scores from those two rounds added together to produce a team's final score."

Perry said the Repulse win in the Eastern Arctic division sets the bar a lot higher for the cadets who will comprise the 2009 marksmanship team.

She said having finally won a divisional crown means the overall title and the right to compete at the national competition is the next target.

"It's going to be tough and I don't know how we're going to do it with CI Meredyk leaving Repulse.

"Hopefully, Michael Putulik will take over as marksmanship coach and we'll have a great team again next year."