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Cookbook with a cause

Dez Loreen
Northern News Services
Published Thursday, April 17, 2008

INUVIK - A group of nurses in the Inuvik hospital have come up with a tasty way to raise money for some new hardware.

The group has released a cookbook of recipes submitted by hospital staff in Inuvik.

NNSL Photo/Graphic

Nichole McDonald, Larissa Clark, Kim Wainman and Sallie Ross have been busy working on a cookbook of local recipes to raise money for new equipment in the Acute Care department of Inuvik Regional Hospital. - Dez Loreen/NNSL photo

Registered Nurse Sallie Ross said planning for the book started in December 2007.

"Four of us decided that we wanted to do some extra fundraising for the acute care unit," said Ross.

Ross added that the cookbook idea came naturally, because of the nurses' love for cooking.

"We can cook and people love to eat, so it made sense," she said.

Ross and the other nurses found a publisher online, who helped them put the book together.

"We contacted them and they told us what they needed and how to do it," said Ross.

Ross added the nurses needed submissions to fill the book. They started with the people closest to them: the hospital staff.

"We asked for some recommendations and submissions; we got a lot of feedback," said Ross.

The book starts off with a few beverage recipes and moves into categories for different styles of cooking.

"We've got appetizers and main dishes, then to desserts," she said.

The layout of the book was designed by the nurses.

Ross said a few doctors and nursing staff gave photos for use in the book.

Ross said it made sense for the ingredients in the book to match up with those found on store shelves in town.

"We didn't want to offer any recipes that can't be made in the North," she said.

"There is a recipe for fish lasagna, which is just one of the local recipes."

A few of the contributors to the cookbook felt it would be good to also include favourite recipes from their family members who have died.

Kim Wainman, one of the nurses who helped gather recipes, said the book is ready and will be distributed at the hospital.

"It's all finalized now. We've received our shipment and we're selling the books now," she said.

"We had a smaller shipment come in early and we sold a few copies to the staff here."

The book is now on sale for $15 a copy.

The staff and contributors of the book will be selling copies on Friday afternoon at the hospital foyer.

The book will also be for sale at a flea market at Ingamo Hall on Saturday morning.

Wainman said the group has been pondering the idea of selling the book through local vendors, but no contact has been made yet.

"We're still thinking about that one," said Wainman.

While there might not be any super-secret recipes revealed in the book, Wainman said she will finally be able to cater to some of her friends who have wanted certain recipes in the past.

"Now I finally have them all together, I can give them out to my friends who have been wanting them for so long," she said.

Ross said the book will also help her daughter in her culinary career.

"She can take the book with her wherever she goes," said Ross.