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Celebrating the Philippines and Filipino culture

Jessica Klinkenberg
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, October 10, 2007

YELLOWKNIFE - The colours were bright, the food was delicious, and if you're not sorry you missed it now, you will be by the end of this.

The Philippine Cultural Association of Yellowknife celebrated 20 years as a group on Saturday at the Tree of Peace.

NNSL Photo/Graphic

Germaine Vilan celebrates a successful dance at the end of the Maglaltik Dance on Saturday night. - Jessica Klinkenberg/NNSL photo

Food, fashion, music, stories, songs and dancing were all represented in an evening that was full of high spirits and camaraderie.

"If you've seen this, you've seen the Philippines," said Cito Domingo.

"This is the best show I've ever seen."

He was part of the Filipino seniors group at the event. He has been in Yellowknife for many years.

Roy Hernando, president of the association, looked shocked when Domingo made his declaration, before smiling modestly.

Though there is no official count of the number of Filipinos in Yellowknife, Hernando estimates there are roughly 1,500.

He himself was a little surprised by how well everything turned out.

"I think it turned out to be nice ... but it was very hard to put together because Filipinos work very hard," he said.

The Tree of Peace was only able to hold 250 people, and tickets for the event sold out quickly, he said.

"I'm very happy. It's not only the Filipinos coming, all of Yellowknife is coming (to the event)," Hernando said.

After 20 years as an official organization, Hernando is hoping to do more and build on the association.

"We want to help other Filipinos who are new," he said.

He also wants to establish a more public presence.

"One thing that I'm wishing for is a building," said Hernando.