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Council Briefs
Emergency services continue as normal

Roxanna Thompson
Northern News Services
Friday, June 8, 2007

FORT SIMPSON - Emergency services are continuing as normal in Fort Simpson despite construction work on the fire hall.

"During construction there will be no disruption to services whatsoever," said Pat Rowe, volunteer fire chief.

At the village council meeting on June 4, Rowe told councillors that the fire department has an emergency plan in place for fire operations during the construction.

Some of the equipment is being stored at a garage the department has rented while other pieces are being moved in and out of the hall every day, said Rowe.

Making a donation

After some debate, councillors decided to donate $50 and some village pins to the Deh Cho Friendship Centre's annual golf tournament held on Aboriginal Day.

Councillors discussed how to respond to a letter asking for a donation.

"I think we should actually keep our name up front in the public and donate something," said Coun. Bob Hanna.

Saying no

Council has voted against finishing an energy profile with the Arctic Energy Alliance.

Council discussed a letter from the alliance informing them the service now costs $1,000.

"I'm opposed to this period. It's a waste of time," said Coun. Bob Hanna about ordering a profile.

A similar profile has been done in the village and he believes a new study would yield the same answer, that the village is wasting energy, said Hanna.

The village had asked the alliance to start a profile for them while the service was free, said Mayor Duncan Canvin.

"It's useful because we can show people how wasteful we are," he said.

Fire department update

The first five months of 2007 have followed the normal pattern for fire and ambulance calls, said Pat Rowe, the volunteer fire chief.

The Fort Simpson volunteer fire department has responded to 11 fire calls and had approximately 12 ambulance calls monthly.

Training sessions have increased to an average of once a week compared to once every two weeks to meet the demand of new members.

"The thirst for knowledge is good and we're trying to harness that," said Rowe.

The department now has 19 members that Rowe calls "a very young and energetic group."

Graveyard disrepair

The village will be looking into the maintenance of the community's graveyard following a request by Coun. Bob Hanna.

"The situation is deplorable," said Hanna referring to the condition of the main graveyard.

While visiting the graveyard, Hanna said he noted it was in poor repair. If there's no money in the village coffers for upkeep some should be assigned, said Hanna. He also suggested that a tri-council meeting could be held on the subject.

"I think it should be taken better care of and better managed," he said.

Mayor Duncan Canvin said he appreciated the matter being brought to the village's attention.