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Petroleum show a success

Dez Loreen
Northern News Services
Thursday, June 28, 2007

INUVIK - Now that the Inuvik Petroleum Show is over for another year, most are saying the event was a success.

The event started June 13 with a welcoming address from local leaders.

Mayor Derek Lindsay speaks to the audience at the Petroleum Show. The show celebrated its seventh year with a theme of

Mayor Derek Lindsay speaks to the audience at the Petroleum Show. The show celebrated its seventh year with a theme of "getting ready for the pipeline." Dez Loreen/NNSL photo

The first day went on with presentations, conferences and of course, plenty of networking between businesses.

Marnie Hilash of the Great Northern Arts Festival was on hand to sell and promote the summer attraction.

"We come to the show to promote the festival," said Hilash.

Hilash said many of her show's sponsors visit Inuvik during the petroleum show.

"It gives us a good chance to meet with people and match names to faces," she said.

She was also there to sell art work and fundraise for the July Festival.

"We do a bit of business through the gallery as well," she said, while admiring some of the carvings and paintings on display.

Hilash said this year has seen a drop in sales from past trade shows, but she was content with the traffic.

"The sales have been good," she said. "It's been steady. We always dream of making huge quantities. We can't complain about what we've made this year."

Hilash added that every year at the trade show is a little different.

"Each year is a show on its own," she said.

"The trick is to have a crystal ball to see what goes well. The T-shirts have been hot sellers."

Meeting old faces and seeing new people is something that Hilash said she always enjoys.

Visiting the show from Tuk was David Lucas Jr. who was with E. Gruben's Transport.

Lucas said the show was a success.

"It's an awesome show, I like how it's spread out," he said. "I got to see everyone and it's well organized."

Lucas said he has attended six of the seven shows since 2000.

He said the show gets better and better every year, despite the announcement of a delay of the pipeline by Imperial Oil that was made earlier this year.

"It's good to see all the people come together for this," said Lucas.

Lucas said that networking is always crucial to these trade shows.

"We've been meeting with some joint ventures here, seeing all the booths," he said.

"Always a good time."

Mayor Derek Lindsay said the show was well attended, even though the Inuvik show was competing with the Calgary Oil show for the second year in a row.

"We might be looking to change our dates for next year if it happens again," said Lindsay.

Lindsay said the show gave him an opportunity to meet with other groups involved in the pipeline.

"I shared my concerns with the proponents," he said.

"It was a very strong show, considering Imperial Oil's recent announcement. I thought that would bring the show to a halt, but it didn't."