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Hospital gets new equipment

Dez Loreen
Northern News Services
Friday, June 1, 2007

INUVIK - The family of Dennie Lennie helped open an endoscopy suite at Inuvik Regional Hospital recently, in memory of the long-time Inuvik resident.

Lennie succumbed to colorectal cancer in 2004 and after his death, the family donated money so the hospital could purchase a colonoscope.

Dr. Braam de Klerk, the hospital's medical director, said the tube-like tool is used to look inside a person's colon to check for any abnormalities, and can help in early detection of colorectal cancer.

"We can go in through the stomach and also from the backside," said De Klerk.

"We have dedicated that room purely for endoscopies," said De Klerk.

"The name for the room is now the 'Dennie Lennie endoscopy suite.'"

De Klerk said the sign and naming of the room was to show appreciation for the family's donation and to preserve the memory of Lennie.

"His wife and daughter were there for the presentation," said De Klerk.

De Klerk said the Lennie family's donation was the first to the Inuvik Regional Hospital Foundation, which was created two years ago.

"The foundation is a charitable foundation, which means that any donation are tax deductible," said De Klerk.

"The money goes to things that the hospital can't buy," he said.

The money for the colonoscope came from the foundation because De Klerk said the money was not available through regular funding.

"We didn't have the money for the endoscope, so we used Dennie's money for that."

De Klerk said the hospital is still in need of equipment to offer more medical services to the people of Inuvik.

De Klerk said the money from the foundation would help the hospital buy additional equipment for the operating rooms, televisions for the patients' rooms and little things such as toys for play zones.

"If we have enough money we might be able to beautify the park area outside the hospital," said De Klerk.

"We should ask people and organizations to please start donating this money to the foundation."

De Klerk said that everyone in the community is affected by the hospital and use their services.

"The most important thing is getting support from the community on this."