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Back and looking to hit it hard

Dez Loreen
Northern News Services
Friday, June 1, 2007

INUVIK - It's been nearly a year since Derrick Thrasher and Paul Rivard have had a chance to play their music together. Now they're back and are looking for some people who like it hard.

NNSL Photo/Graphic

After a one-year hiatus, Samuel Hearne student Paul Rivard and Derrick Thrasher are playing together again, and looking for a few like-minded musicians for some jam sessions. - Dez Loreen/NNSL photo

After the summer of 2006, Thrasher left Inuvik for Fort Smith for school while Rivard was finishing high school at Samuel Hearne.

When Thrasher returned from his year away the two met up and picked up where they left off. Rivard said it was good to have Thrasher back for more practice.

"Well he was gone for a year so we couldn't practise together," said Rivard.

Rivard said he has been busy mastering his craft and working on maintaining rhythm.

"For me, it's been a lot of playing, learning to keep the beat going and stuff," said Rivard.

In Thrasher's absence, the school started an after-class music session where people could drop in to play their music.

Rivard said he thinks having the space in the school to play is great for their chemistry as musicians and to introduce new players to their style.

"It's awesome. It gives us a place to play and jam," he said.

"Sometimes people come in to jam or just listen. It gets crowded."

During a coffeehouse last week the boys played some choice tunes for the crowd.

"We played some Metallica for the coffeehouse," said Rivard.

"It was fun because we both alternated between vocals and drums."

Rivard said between the two of them they can play the instruments needed for heavy metal.

"We can both play guitar, drums, sing and the bass," said Rivard.

"We need people to play with us live."

The coffeehouse was successful for the boys, but Rivard said he's used to larger crowds.

"It was a great show, I wasn't nervous because I've played in front of the whole school before," said Rivard.

Thrasher said he played with bands while in Fort Smith.

"I met up with an old friend and one of my guitarists moved there too, so we started playing," said Thrasher.

"We played some shows with State of the Art and Over Eight."

Now Thrasher helps out with the music program at the school, giving pointers to students and jamming out.

Thrasher agreed with Rivard that the coffeehouse was a good experience for them.

"We played a bunch of stuff, some Metallica and Black Sabbath," he said.

Thrasher wants to have the full experience that he did when he was with the band in Fort Smith.

"It's great jamming and stuff, but I want to play in a full band with other people too," said Thrasher.

"We're looking for the best in Inuvik, anyone who says they're better than anyone else. Come on and check it out."