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Designers provide update on super school

Dez Loreen
Northern News Services
Friday, June 15, 2007

INUVIK - The architects of the new school were in town last week to field some questions about the planning of the new building.

Simon Taylor and Gino Pin of Pin/Taylor architects were in Inuvik to host a public information session at Samuel Hearne.

NNSL Photo/Graphic

Janette Vlanich and Chauna MacNeil look over the area where Sir Alexander Mackenzie school sits. The area will be converted to a recreational area once the school is demolished in 2013. - Dez Loreen/NNSL photo

The pair gave an overview of the changes since the last meeting last year.

Pin said that soil tests were done on the site, the actual location of the building has been moved in the site and the interior designs were staring to take shape.

Pin said that the next step for them is to create blueprints of the building.

"Our next stage of design development is to make working drawings," said Pin.

"Those will take almost a year to complete."

Pin added that before the working drawings will be made, the two will use computer imagery and cardboard models for accuracy.

Beaufort Delta education council superintendent Dennis Parsons gave a bit of a background on the project.

"Since the meetings in 2004 and the meeting last year, the architects took the community input and changed the design for the building," said Parsons.

Parsons also said that the construction of the new schools will allow for the existing Samuel Hearne school to operate with no interruptions.

Parsons also touched on the changes to the core centre of Inuvik, where Sir Alexander Mackenzie school sits.

"It used to be educational and will soon be recreational," he said.

Pin added that plans were also being made for the large area that will be the recreation site.

"We are working to fit recreational venues on the SAM school site," he said.

Resident Stephen Charlie asked the presenters about comparing the size of the new school to both of the existing buildings.

Pin explained that though the total space is smaller, the new school will have a larger density and is designed to house a few hundred more students.

"This will also have the second largest double gymnasium in the Territories," said Pin.

Both schools can take a combined number of 760 students.

The new building's capacity would be 1050 students.

Jennifer Macgillivray, who is managing the project on behalf of the department of Education, Culture and Employment, said construction will begin this summer with the removal of the baseball diamond and tennis courts.

"The construction should be done in 2011," said Macgillivray.

"The total cost will be $76,235,000."

Macgillivray said the cost takes into account added inflation.

"As we go on, the costs may rise and dates may change," she said.

Macgillivray said the soccer fields would be moved. One is scheduled to be moved into Ruyant Crescent, and the second field is on hold until Sir Alexander Mackenzie school is demolished in 2013.

Parent Brian Terry asked about the vehicle drop off points in the new schools.

"There is often a lot of vehicle congestion at SAM school now," he said.

"I want to make sure the new location will be prepared for that traffic."

Pin assured Terry that the space in the new schools was designed for pick up and drop offs.

"There is also a lane for parking," said Pin.