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Council Briefs
Council supports harsher measures for stray dogs

Roxanna Thompson
Northern News Services
Friday, May 18, 2007

FORT SIMPSON - Owners who let their dogs run free should be looking for leashes, or risk having their pet impounded.

Fort Simpson village councillors agreed to contract a dog catcher in addition to the bylaw officer during their meeting on May 7. Everyone is in consensus that something has to be done, said Mayor Duncan Canvin.

Having the dog catcher will mean a more aggressive program against loose dogs in the village, said Canvin.

Council began by discussing whether they should enact the emergency dog control program. The program allows dogs to be destroyed immediately instead of waiting three days.

Coun. Tom Wilson argued that if the dogs are kept for three days before being destroyed someone might let them loose, something that happened the last time a person was contracted to remove dogs.

"That's going to happen again," said Wilson.

Replacing plastic grocery bags

Village council is supporting a move to replace the use of plastic grocery bags with canvas bags. Council passed a resolution stating that the use of plastic bags is detrimental to the environment. Grocery bags will be the first focus.

"It would be a start," said Coun. Tom Wilson.

If the idea gains momentum measures about other types of plastic bags like garbage bags could be started, Wilson suggested.

The village is writing letters to a number of companies asking if they would like to donate canvas bags to be used by residents.

Library location

A decision hasn't been reached on where the John Tsetso Memorial Library will be located after Dehcho Hall is closed.

Councillors discussed the fact that the village is only funded to provide a librarian, not a location for the library. The library is currently in a space donated by the Dehcho Divisional Education Council, said Mayor Duncan Canvin.

Coun. Bob Hanna suggested that the problem be given back to the territorial government. If the government wants to close Dehcho Hall they should keep the library in its current wing as a stand-alone building, he said.

Government officials will be asked if they want a library in the community, said Canvin.

Fixing a puddle

A puddle in the village is getting a lot of attention.

Village workers will be examining the puddle in front of T.J.'s following a suggestion by Coun. Bob Hanna that it should be examined.

A depression in front of the store started to collect water this spring. In past years there hasn't been a puddle there, said Hanna.

"It's not a good scenario," he said.

Mayor Duncan Canvin suggested that maybe the drainage in the area has been blocked.