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Muskrat Jamboree Queen participants

Northern News Services
Friday, March 23, 2007

INUVIK - This is the first of a two-part feature profiling candidates for Muskrat Jamboree Queen. Next week will profile the rest of the women involved in the fundraising event.

Each woman was asked the following questions:

  • What fundraising have you done so far?
  • What do you have planned before the Jamboree?
  • Why are you involved in the 2007 Muskrat Jamboree?

    NNSL Photo/Graphic

    Gerri Sharpe-Staples: I held an auction, bake sales, sold Big Mac burgers, and there have also been mini-raffles. Another bake sale is planned, I'm bringing in more McDonald's food and there's something else I'm working on. I've run for queen for the past 10 years and have yet to win. Being a part of the jamboree reminds me of home. This is my part to contribute to the jamboree.
    NNSL Photo/Graphic

    Rachel Hansen: I've had barbecues, bake sales and I sold roses for Valentine's Day. I am planning a "jail bail" this week and more bake sales. It's a big year, the 50th anniversary. I think it would be nice to be crowned queen.
    NNSL Photo/Graphic

    Onida Banksland: There have been luncheons, I held a youth movie night, I've ordered Tim Horton's doughnuts and held 50-50 draws. I am planning another luncheon, and a Texas hold'em tournament is being planned. I would also like a cake walk, but with other baked goods. As a recreation professional, it's important to help out the community. This is the 50th anniversary of the Jamboree and I wanted to raise money for it. I also kind of like being in the spotlight.