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Pi day celebration at Sir John

Jessica Gray
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Mar 08/06) - Math class has never tasted so sweet.

Students at Sir John Franklin high school were treated to pie in order to properly celebrate International Pi Day.

"While it might be only geeky math guys celebrating this day, it is celebrated all over the world," said math teacher Adrian Richards with a laugh. He believes getting teenagers interested in math - whether by celebrating Pi Day or using examples from The Simpsons - helps them learn.

Getting past students' lack of confidence in math makes all the difference, he said.

"Lots of people say they're not a math person, but everyone can do it."

With pieces of pie served to each student, some brought by the students themselves, Richards had their undivided attention as he taught a lesson about Pi.

For those of us in need of a mini math lesson - Pi is the number derived from the circumference, or distance of the outside of a perfect circle, divided by its diameter, or the distance across the middle of a circle.

The number, usually written as 3.14, is special because the numbers to the right of the decimal are both random and infinite. "It's good to learn about the history of Pi and celebrate on the last day of class," said 15-year-old Leon Husky. Though it won't officially be International Pi Day until March 14 - the month representing three and the day representing the decimals - students were happy to eat a most appropriate treat on the Friday before March break.