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NDP candidate says it's time for a change

Jillian Dickens
Northern News Services

Iqaluit (Jan 09/06) - Bill Riddell has stepped up to the plate as the NDP candidate for the Nunavut riding for the Jan. 23 election, shortly after Amanda Ford-Rogers realized this wasn't the right time in her life to run for office.

NNSL Photo/graphic
Bill Riddell

Riddell knows how much work is involved, considering he was the NDP candidate in the 2004 election - gaining the party 15 per cent of the Nunavut vote.

He's optimistic this time he'll win the seat.

"People know it's time for a change. At the local level, we need a strong voice in parliament and candidly speaking the NDP will be in an opposition position - a powerful place where they will be heard," said Riddell. "Regardless of who gets in, the NDP will be the movers and the groovers for political change."

"The incumbent has not been able to speak up because she is a Liberal and that is not a good place to be in."

When asked of the big Nunavut-centered issues of this election, Riddell skips no beats.

"There are people that are hungry, the cost of food is excessive, and there are things that can be done about this on a federal level," he said.

"Overcrowded housing and homelessness are extremely important. And the issue of devolution and sovereignty linked together. We must be able to reap the benefits of the resources that we have."