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Snow globe damaged

Dorothy Westerman
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Jan 04/06) - It wasn't the night before Christmas, but instead the night before Russell Mercredi was to take down his prize-winning home decorations when vandals made an unwelcome visit.

NNSL Photo/graphic

Russell Mercredi's new snow globe - valued at about $150 - was damaged beyond repair. Mercredi won second place in the city's decoration contest this year. - Dorothy Westerman/NNSL photo

Looking out from his bedroom window at around 2:45 a.m. Monday, Mercredi, a Rivett Crescent resident, watched as four teen boys entered his yard and proceeded to jump on and destroy a large inflatable snow globe.

"I knocked on the window and scared them away," Mercredi said of the incident.

"I then jumped in the truck and went after the little guys," he said of the four.

"I approached them and asked them their names, which they wrote down," he said.

Mercredi then called the RCMP, who are investigating the matter.

While the incident will not stop Mercredi from creating his expansive Christmas scene next year, he said it was disappointing to think that someone would want to destroy it.

"I've been decorating for 22 years and I do it all for the kids," he said of his creative yardwork.

"People will stop and take pictures with their kids."

For the entire month of December, Mercredi's yard helps light up the neighbourhood with its shining display.

He won second place for the display in this years' city-wide decoration contest with its lights and decorative snowmen and reindeer.

"I really go out and do a lot of work to my house and yard to make it nice," Mercredi said.

"It's frustrating when you see this."