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Flu season is here - it's time for the needle

Dez Loreen
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Dec 05/05) - With winter weather here, the risk of getting the flu is high and health services all over the Territories are dispensing vaccine.

"More people are getting the needles this year," said Damien Healy, spokesperson for the Health department.

The public health centre in Inuvik has been busy giving immunizations.

Lesa Semmler works at the centre and agreed that public co-operation is on the rise.

"The amount of shots we've given here are getting near the 500-mark," said Semmler. "We received our shipment of vaccines in the middle of October."

Healy said elders and young children are at a higher risk of getting the flu and should be immunized right away.

"If you're 65 or older, get the shot," said Healy. "Any young children should also be brought in as well."

Keeping the flu virus controlled is very important, said Semmler.

"You're not only protecting yourself when you get the needle," said Semmler.

Healy added that keeping your hands clean will help stop germs from spreading, and that any contact with a person who has the flu should be avoided.

"If you have the flu, don't be in direct contact with anybody," said Healy.