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Service with a smile

Dorothy Westerman
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 23/05) - Waiting for customers to arrive at the start of her day is the biggest challenge of Toni Enns' job as waitress at Booyah! Restaurant.

"I'd like to see it full every day," Enns said of her love of people and her work.

NNSL Photo/graphic

A familiar face in Booyah! Restaurant, Toni Enns, says there are few negative aspects of her job as waitress. Here, she is at the table of Nelson Jimenez and Tyson Reyes, 4. - Dorothy Westerman/NNSL photo

Since the doors to the restaurant opened on the corner of 50th Street and 51 Avenue almost one year ago, Enns' smiling face and prompt service have sent customers happily on their way after a good meal.

She also works at the Raven Pub on a full-time basis.

Enns' day begins with "behind the scenes" work, such as preparing the coffee maker for a day of service.

"And the ketchup and shakers have to be wiped down - and crumbs are terrible - it's OK if they're yours, but...," she said, then laughed.

So after ensuring each customer has a sparkling clean table at which to sit, Enns begins serving up favourites such as the all-day breakfast or the famous burgers which have made the restaurant a popular lunchtime destination.

Being a waitress since she was 16 and also being a previous owner of a Mexican food restaurant in B.C., Enns said interaction with customers is second nature.

"And I don't jot anything down. I just go by memory," she said of her ability to get those orders right. "We have lots of regulars, who know what they are going to have and who I know what they are going to have," she said.

"Rarely do I have a customer leave unhappy. That's a great thing."

But as for the favourite part of her job, Enns said she is as of yet undecided.

"I love the owners, the customers - and the food."

"I love working here."