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Students want parking, study area

John King
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 16/05) - The consensus is in among Aurora College students on the school's Yellowknife campus.

There needs to be more space, more resources, and more parking, they say.

"The library needs a separate room for study groups, so they don't interfere with the rest of the library," said Shiela Embodo, a first year student in the College's nursing program.

Her brother, John Embodo, who is also in the nursing program, wants more resources such as journals and books for research, not to mention a place to park his car.

"I would love to see a parking lot close to the school, especially for winter," John said.

"Right now we have to park really far away and sometimes we're late because of this," he said.

For Kadiatu Dumbuya, who has lived in Canada for two years, the college campus in Yellowknife needs more course offerings.

"I would like to see a dental assistant program," said Dumbuya, in the college's Adult Education Program.

A new building to house the Yellowknife campus is also on the list of priorities for Aurora College students.

"They should have their own building, or even their own campus that is the size of one of the high schools," said Marty McGregor, a management studies student.

There was a chorus of voices echoing the need of a larger and closer parking lot from students sitting in a college lounge.

"And we shouldn't have to pay for the parking because we already pay enough in tuition," said Olivia Chandler, a student in the college's pre-nursing program called Axis.

One student complained about the lack of day care services for families, when one or both parents are going to school.

"Before I started I had to go through newspapers to find a suitable day home for my children," said Martina Chocolate.

"It took over two weeks and was really stressful."