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Explorer set to grow by 60 rooms

Sydney Selvon
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Dec 14/05) - The Explorer Hotel, owned by Nunastar Properties, has plans to increase its number of rooms by almost 50 per cent in the coming years.

Consisting of 60 more rooms, Nunastar president and chief executive officer Doug Cox said the expansion project is planned for 2007.

Currently, the hotel has a total of 127 rooms.

The announcement of Nunastar's growth plan came during the Dec. 8 unveiling of the recently finished renovations to the hotel.

Cox welcomed guests together with vice-president of hotels Sainer Launhardt and senior chief financial officer Janice Kent from the company's Calgary office, as well as Explorer general manager Andre Lanz.

"It's a $6 million renovation," said Lanz, adding it is the company's intention to run the hotel in a first-class way.

"We want this hotel to be a central part of this community," said Cox. "It should be woven into the social fabric of this community."

The organizational foundations have already been put in place.

Cox said the 60-room addition will materialize.

The renovation works "are just the beginning for us," he added.

Nunastar's goals include continuing to improve the quality of service.

Their aim is to reach a level that everyone in Yellowknife feels proud to recommend the Explorer to visiting friends, relatives and co-workers.

"And that's what this business is all about," he said.

"Nunastar is one of the largest landlords in Northern Canada,"said Cox. "We own the Frobisher Inn in Iqaluit as well."

Thursday's reception was well attended, with Premier Joe Handley among the special guests.

A Ndilo group performed a traditional drum dance to mark the occasion.