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Volunteers power tournament

Kent Driscoll
Northern News Services

Baker Lake (Dec 14/05) - When Baker Lake hosted the Dec. 3-4 territorial basketball championships it may have never come together without the help of students from Jonah Amitnaaq school.

"We have a great youth group, the Baker Lake Youth Athletic Council, but there's no way we could do a perfect job without the volunteers," said Baker Lake teacher Rea Seitler.

The school recently made volunteering a mandatory part of school with Grade 9-10 students required to do five hours a year. Grade 11-12 students do 10 hours.

"The reason we wanted to incorporate the volunteering was to get them some experience and to give them a role," said Seitler. "They are the leaders of tomorrow."

Of course not all students needed the nudge to come out and help. Joshua Ford may only be in Grade 9, but this 15-year-old has been videotaping the basketball team's games for two years.

"He's set until graduation," said Seitler.

Ford said he has seen his camera skills improve and hopes to take a course in videography after graduating.

"I do it because it's fun," he said.

Marlon Kayuryuk, 18, is a Grade 10 student who volunteered to work the canteen.

"I did it to get my hours, but it was fun," he said. "It can get very busy between games, I try to work fast."

As an added bonus, he got to see all of the basketball games, which he said was his favourite part.

No matter their motivation, Seitler appreciates the help.

"These kids step up and they add smiles and welcome to the other schools," said Seitler.