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Man of the land

Kent Driscoll
Northern News Services

Resolute (Nov 28/05) - Hans Aronson became one of Canada's newest citizens on the morning of Nov. 24 in Iqaluit.

Aronson, who moved to Resolute upon his arrival in Canada has been in the country for "nine years, six months, eight days and 16 hours."

After giving that exact answer, Aronson laughed, looked at his watch and added with another laugh, "and 25 seconds."

Aronson is originally from Qananaq, Greenland. He was a police officer there before a vacation changed his life.

He visited Resolute and met his future wife Zipporah Aronson. A friend of Zipporah's clued Hans in to her single status, and things took off from there. Aronson is now a well-known hunter and guide in Resolute, but his wife got the best of him last week. She shot an eight foot polar bear. Her accuracy paid off for the elders in Iqaluit when the pair brought traditional foods with them.

The thing Aronson likes best about Canada is the hunting.

"I like hunting, and being outside 24 hours a day. I'm hunting 365 days a year," said Aronson.

He has visited other parts of his adopted homeland - Edmonton, Yellowknife, Ottawa and Montreal - but the hunting in Nunavut is what makes him happy.