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School days in Cambridge Bay

Kent Driscoll
Northern News Services

Cambridge Bay (Nov 21/05) - Tiffany Ototiak and Deidra Kavanna are like most other 13-year-old girls. The two Cambridge Bay girls are best friends, and are inseparable.

Ototiak likes gym class the most at school, enjoys spending time with her friends and doesn't know what she wants to do when she finishes school.

Ototiak is the youngest of five of Joe and Eva Ototiak's kids. All of her 13 years have been spent in Cambridge Bay and she has no plans to leave.

"I have family here, and I want to stay close to my family," said Ototiak.

In school, Ototiak prefers gym class, because, "it's lots of fun to play."

But don't think of her as a jock, she doesn't play any sports and math is her favourite subject.

"I like math, we are learning fractions," said Ototiak. She revealed that she is able to use her knowledge of fractions in every day life.

Kavanna likes gym, too, but also plays sports whenever she can. She plays soccer, hockey and floor hockey. "I'm a forward and I score lots of goals," said Kavanna.

Kavanna would like to be a hockey player once she is done with school, like her hockey hero, Cassie Campbell of the Canadian Olympic hockey team.

Like most girls her age, friends are the most important thing for Ototiak. She talks to her buddy Kavanna every day, and spends her evenings with her.

"She is fun, funny and not boring," said Kavanna.

A typical day involves an after school walk for the two on the streets of Cambridge Bay and a stop at the game hall across the road from the CBC building.

"I play a little foosball, but I'm not very good," said Ototiak.

There are also puzzles and crosswords available in the game hall, but she likes the Megatouch best.

Megatouch is a video game where you touch the screen instead of using a mouse or joystick.

There are six different kinds of Megatouch games on the system at the game hall, and Ototiak has mastered them all.

For Kavanna, the pool table is her thing.

"I'm good at pool, good enough to beat the rest of my friends," said Kavanna

After a trip to play and a walk, it is back home in time for supper.

Ototiak doesn't know what she will study when she completes her time at Kullik school, but she's got time to figure it out, she's still 13.

Kavanna would like to be a pro hockey player, but if that falls through, she would settle for being a teacher.