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Business owner makes
time for hospital fundraiser

Daron Letts
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Nov 18/05) - Running a store and working as an artist compete for Linco Schoenne's time.

NNSL Photo/graphic

Linco Schoenne paints the front of a grandfather clock for the Festival of Trees auction. - Daron Letts/NNSL photo

Schoenne started her business, Linco's Pottery Nook, as a space in which to create and sell her one-of-a-kind pottery sculptures.

"I haven't been creative in any way - other than at the store - for over a year now and it's been driving me nuts," she said. "Decorating the store is loads of fun, but it's not like creating something."

This month, Schoenne is making time to create. She's painting a grandfather clock in bright acrylics for the annual Festival of Trees Stanton Hospital Foundation fundraiser.

It's one of four furniture pieces painted by Yellowknife artists that will go on the auction block next month.

This week, Schoenne covered the front of the clock in a Northern scene using a distinctive stained-glass style. A covey of pudgy ptarmigans gather on a field of snow while a green-tinged ribbon of Northern lights twists across the Arctic twilight.

Many shades of blue fill the panel, framed by a colourful and ornate symmetrical border.

Schoenne said she may apply a glass-like finish to the front and end with an antique effect. For now, she's letting the work take a life of its own.

The bidding starts Dec. 2.