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Good food, fast food

Dorothy Westerman
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Feb 11/05) - Healthy eaters need not make concessions when enjoying a day at the Multiplex Arena.

That is because of the work Kim Son Duong and his wife Tiec Thi have put into the concession stand at the arena.

Thanks to the smart planning and preparation by the family, eating while on the run does not necessarily mean eating fast foods.

The husband and wife team have operated the spacious, sit-in food stand through their business, Vina Food Services, for about one-and-a-half years now.

"It gets very busy at times, but it varies," Thi said.

No strangers to food preparation, the family were the original founders and operators of the Vietnamese Noodle House on Franklin Avenue since the 1970s.

Once they sold the restaurant several years ago, they decided to ease into retirement with their food preparation services. They decided to offer a variety of food choices for hungry athletes. Although the menu includes old favourites such as burgers, fries and the classic hot dog, the family also has added chicken fried rice and Vietnamese spring rolls.

"People enjoy the specialties like the rice," Son Duong said. "One of our specials, Won Ton soup, has lots of fresh vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. Some parents will buy it to bring home as well," Thi said.

The family says they enjoy the interaction with all the people who pass through the concession stand each day.

Parents who sit all day at the arena with their children also look for nourishment. For one Yellowknife parent, Sharon Morrison, the healthy selection is important.

"I have two boys who play on four teams. I'm here almost every day of the week," Morrison said.

"My children prefer the healthy choices," she said.

"And no matter what food you order, it takes the same time to get it," she said.