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United in song

John Curran
Northern News Services

Fort Good Hope (Nov 29/04) - They may be a band without a name, but five Fort Good Hope teens are turning some heads.

John Ellton is on drums, Janette Kakfwi sings lead vocals, Jordon Tobac is on lead guitar, Dillon Jones plays bass and Billy Shae does everything else from backup vocals to rhythm.

The group plays classic rock like Knockin' on Heaven's Door as well as covering Chris Isaac and Nirvana.

"We want to work on some easier three- and four-chord songs before we get too fancy," said Jones, who along with Shae, pulled the group together in October. As for a name, they're leaning toward calling themselves Minority.

During Remembrance Day ceremonies, the youngsters took to the outdoor stage in the community to entertain a group of more than 100 spectators that included RCMP officers and Canadian Rangers.

"We only did one song, but it sounded wicked," said Shae.

He wasn't the only one who thought so either. RCMP detachment commander Cpl. Donna Rorison was in the crowd and said she was really impressed with what she saw and heard.

"We're so proud of them -- their confidence is just amazing," she said. "We're lucky here in Fort Good Hope, there are a lot of very talented musical people in town."

Jones only started playing bass because the band wasn't going to get very far without someone playing that instrument.

"I guess I'm a natural," he said.

Shae shows his musical range in the number of holes he plugs in the band. Sometimes he sings, other times he's on guitar and still others he climbs behind the drum kit.

To talk to the pair about the band, you get the impression they've been fast friends for years, but in fact they say they really only started hanging out once they needed each other.

"It's hard finding people who will come up on stage," joked Shae.

Once they started playing together, the pair realized they had a fair bit in common.

"I like rock, rap and metal," said Shae.

"I like everything he likes except more metal and no rap," added Jones.

Exactly where their playing will take them is anybody's guess, especially considering their influences range from Johnny Cash to Black Sabbath.

However, both agreed, no matter where their lives go in the future, "Music is always going to play a big part."