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Rememberin' Rankin

Darrell Greer
Northern News Services

Rankin Inlet (Nov 01/04) - There's a new independently-released CD on the market that can truly be described as a labour of love.

Mitchell, Ont. native Ted Schinbein called Rankin Inlet home in the 1970s.

 NNSL Photo

Former Rankin Inlet resident Ted Schinbein lays down a track to his new CD, - Photo courtesy of Ted Schinbein

And while Schinbein has fond memories of his time spent in the Kivalliq, many of those memories came with a price.

Schinbein left the Kivalliq with a head full of songs and stories he hoped someday would comprise an album about Rankin. He also left with a bad drinking problem.

"I had a lot of fun during my time in the Kivalliq, especially Rankin Inlet," says Schinbein.

"In retrospect, a little bit too much fun in some areas when you consider it took me 15 years to get sober after I left Rankin."

One of Schinbein's fondest memories of Rankin is the time he spent playing at community dances.

He says a Northerner's love of music has to be seen to be appreciated.

"You would literally play until your fingers bled and then someone else would pick up your instrument and continue on.

"The people would dance all night, as long as the music kept playing."

Once Schinbein achieved sobriety, it took him another 15 years to finish his Rememberin' Rankin CD. The album's title song was the last composition to be completed.

Schinbein says the album is a mixture of toe-tapping efforts that capture the essence of his time spent in Rankin.

The CD even contains a few tracks laid down by guitarist Brian Howe, who toured the Kivalliq with Schinbein's Fellowship band in 1970.

"The CD cover picture of Samgusak, Tikeayak and I was taken by Alikasuak while we were out fishing in 1972. And, as the lyrics say, I couldn't be any fonder of any place that we've called home. I'm Rememberin' Rankin Inlet and all our friends of long ago."