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Sharp shooters wanted

Dorothy Westerman
Northern News Services

Inuvik (July 05/04) - There are several good reasons to join Inuvik's gun club, says Denis Savoie.

"Some people don't like hunting, but they enjoy shooting. It is a good safe place for people to go," the club president says.

The club was started more than a decade ago and Savoie says the club membership averages at about 25.

Now that summer is here, however, the drive to raise awareness about the club and to seek more members is underway.

Currently, the club has a diverse cross-section of members.

Savoie says the RCMP, the Canadian Rangers, RWED, department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Armed Forces, plus the public, use the facilities.

Located about four kilometres from town off Navy Road, the club also has undergone numerous renovations within the last several years.

"We spent $50,000 on a road to get in there and a new traphouse and a target for silhouettes," he says.

Because of the popularity of the club, Savoie says they hope to purchase the land -- currently leased from the town -- on which the club sits within the next three years.

Joining the club also is a safe way to practise one's aim, he says.

"People can go there instead of on the highways shooting at signs. Safety is a factor."

And the various tournaments this year are seemingly endless, he notes.

The ToGo's trap shoot-out, Westwind silhouette shooting and the territorial trap silhouette shoot from July 16-18 are among the numerous skill-testing events to be held this year.

"We have a good supporting board and our new youth members have been a big help to the club," he says.