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NNSL Photo/Graphic

Art students Pascal MacLellan, Sarah Rriteli-Kerr and Markosie Arsenault show some of their artwork that was for sale, May 31, at Inuksuk high school. The school organized the sale to help promote the young artists in Iqaluit. - Neils Christensen/NNSL photo

Young artists sell wares

Neils Christensen
Northern News Services

Iqaluit (June 07/04) - Students at Inuksuk high school are learning a valuable lesson when it comes to developing their artistic skills.

The students held their second annual art sale, May 31.

Residents came to the school to view and purchase the art they have worked on throughout the year.

While preparing for the big event, some students admitted they were a little nervous to show their work.

"It's kind of scary. You don't know what the people are going to think," said Grade 11 student Sarah Rriteli-Kerr.

The sale also inspired students to try harder to develop their skills.

"I didn't realize that there was so much talent at the school," said Pascal MacLellan, who is in Grade 12.

MacLellan added that the art show is a great way for the students to show the community what they have done.

Markosie Arsenault, a Grade 12 student, said he is proud to show off what he's learned in only a few months of classes.

"I didn't know I had any drawing skills," he said.

Drawing is only half of what the students are learning about.

Linda Grant, art teacher, explained that the students have to price their own work.

"This gets the students into the professional mindset. They are putting themselves out there and it's not that easy."

Both MacLellan and Arsenault admit the business side of the art world is the most difficult.

"You don't want to price your stuff too high because it won't sell. You also don't want to price too low because you are underselling yourself," said MacLellan.

"I never really thought about selling my work. I just sort of draw for myself," added Arsenault.