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Thanks to all the St. Pat's volunteers

Susan Catling
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (June 25/04) - Thank goodness for volunteers who are always there when needed and never have the heart to say no.

Saint Patrick high school said "thank you" to 50 people who donated their services, time and effort, during the past school year.

"The businesses in the city are very generous and supportive. It's amazing. If we need something, they never say no," said Susan Huvenaars, the Bridges coordinator at St. Pat's.

Bridges is a program that allows students to research occupations and shadow jobs to get get experience in the world of work.

One of the certificates went to Bill Aho, managing owner of Central Mechanics, and Doug Witty of Force One, for the use of their limousine.

Aho and Witty allowed St. Pat's high school to use the limousine for the graduation ceremony and will continue to make the limousine available for St. Pat's and other schools.

A certificate was also presented to the Tourism Careers for You.

"Students can take this course through St. Pat's and Sir John high school," said Wenda Dahl, the program's teacher.