NNSL Photo/Graphic
Dennis Bevington New Democratic Party

With a week left in the election campaign, Dennis Bevington says he senses a desire for change among voters in the Western Arctic.

"People want a change; they're just deciding who they'll support," Bevington said last week as he campaigned along the Mackenzie Valley.

Born in Fort Smith, Bevington served as its mayor from 1988 to 1997. He ran for the New Democrats in 2000, but drew 27 per cent of the popular vote for second place.

Bevington has continued to build on his name recognition.

Over the past four years, he has worked as special advisor on energy to the premier of the Northwest Territories and serves on the Green Funds Council of the Canadian Association of Municipalities.

Bevington is tapping into strong opposition to the Liberal government's gun registry program, and promotes the use of renewable energy sources in Northern communities, such as wind turbines and small hydro projects.

A Fire Arms Acquisition Certificate should be the only documentation needed to own a firearm in a rural community, he contends.