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Cadets hit the pilot's seat

Daniel T'seleie
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (June 11/04) - On Saturday 24 Yellowknife Air Cadets got to fly a plane, most for the first time.

"The idea is to stimulate an interest in the air portion of the armed forces," said cadet officer James Degraw. The plan worked.

"It was cool," said Victoria Williams, a junior cadet.

Williams and the others each got about seven minutes of flying time in a Cessna Caravan.

They took the place of co-pilot with Air Tindi's Gavin Cooper beside them in the pilot's seat. The basic maneuvers were covered.

"Turns, climbing and descending, that's about it," Degraw said.

In order to prepare the cadets learned about the theory and the fundamentals of flight during training. Some took it a little further. Cadet Adam Jensen practised flying the Cessna Caravan on his home computer flight simulator to become familiar with all the systems. He is serious about flying.

"I want to become a pilot, it's been my life-long dream," Jensen said.

His aspiration is to someday pilot a vintage Corsair from the Second World War but he will settle for flight of any type.

"From jet to prop. I don't care," Jensen said.