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An eye opener to film genres

Jason Unrau
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Mar 26/04) - For 17-year-old high school student Dwayne Drescher, there used to be nothing better than kicking back to watch a good action/thriller movie.

While the Video Effects clerk says the genre is still his favourite, since he started working at the video store his taste in movies has expanded.

"Customers would ask me about certain movies and sometimes I couldn't answer them," he said. "So I had to open my eyes and watch other kinds, even chick flicks."

Though Drescher says that he usually watches seven films a week -- probably more than the average person -- he notes there are customers who far surpass him.

"There's people who come in and rent three or four movies a day. That's a lot."

In the realm of part-time work for students, it is generally accepted that video store clerk is better than flipping burgers. However, Drescher says he took the job three years ago because he wanted spending money.

"It's a good job because it gives me time to do my homework and the older titles are free."

As somebody who watches more films than the average person, has he noticed any trends?

"I think there's more humour in movies today, even in horrors and action movies. I guess because everybody wants to laugh."

So if Drescher was on a desert island, and could take five videos with him, what would they be?

"Castaway, Requiem for a Dream, Finding Nemo, Crap, it's a skateboard movie, and the Kung Fu movie Naked Weapon."