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Squires return to Navigator

Stephan Burnett
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (Mar 17/04) - One of Yellowknife's favourite couples has returned from Newfoundland to run the airport restaurant -- now called the Navigator.

NNSL Photo

Dennis and Vivian Squires are the new managers of The Navigator restaurant. Stephan Burnett/NNSL photo

Dennis and Vivian Squires first came to Yellowknife in 1987. Dennis worked for Giant Mine, walking the line with the rest of the miners. Then he went on to run the airport restaurant, then called The Airporter.

People flocked to the restaurant when the Squires ran the place.

"Friday is beef day, Thursday is turkey day and Wednesday is rib day. They'll be lined up," says a jovial Dennis.

Dennis likes cooking and Vivian likes people, "so it's a good mesh -- big time," he says.

After speaking for five minutes with Dennis and Vivian, you get to realize why they are so popular. They're warm and open people.

"The first day I'm in the restaurant I'm going to get so many hugs, and then they'll turn to Dennis and say, 'What are you doing?" Vivian says, laughing.

Vivian fondly remembers one particular patron, a young woman, who told Vivian when they left in 1998 that she felt as though she was losing a mother and father. Dennis enjoys working with people as well.

"Sometimes your strip on the credit card machine is not working and I'd just say, 'Just go sit down and get me later.' And you know, I've never been rooked," he says.

"You can spend your money anywhere, on pizza or Chinese, but it's how you're treated that counts," he says.

The airport is the first and last impression for almost everyone who comes to Yellowknife. Hopefully, many more first and last impressions will be in good hands with Dennis and Vivian Squires.