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Fast times

Ultimate Frisbee

Terry Halifax
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Aug 29/03) - Passersby may have noticed what looks like football with a Frisbee being played at Curtis Field this summer.

The game is called "ultimate" and those who play it think it may just be the ultimate in fast paced-games.

"I've played rugby and soccer and it's by far the fastest sport I've ever played -- and I thought rugby was fast," said player Dale Arsenault. "You are running non-stop in this game."

The game is played on a soccer field, with regulation fields being 70 yards by 40 yards, with a 25-yard end zone.

"It's kind of a mix between basketball and football," he explained.

"To score, you have to catch the Frisbee in the other team's end zone."

The game begins with the defence throwing the disc to the offence and they advance the play from there.

"You can't run with the disc," Arsenault said. "As soon as you catch it, you have to stop and throw it."

The player has 10 seconds to throw the disc from his stance and if the disc is dropped or intercepted, the defence assumes control.

There is no contact and if the defensive player touches the offence, a foul is called and the play is replayed.

It's also one of the few sports without a referee.

"It's a gentlemen's on-your-honour system," Arsenault said.

The official rules call for seven players per side, but the Inuvik players just divide up the players that show up.

"We try to balance it out, so there are experienced and non-experienced players on each team," he said.

The game is played every Thursday night at 7 p.m. and now that many of the students have returned South, Arsenault said they are looking for new players to join.

"The experienced players will always help the new guys out with how to play," he said.

This is the second year for ultimate in Inuvik and it seems to be catching on.