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Mandy Anawak bakes cookies in the kitchen at the Ajajjaa Pairivik Daycare. The facility is looking to upgrade some of its kitchen appliances. - Chris Puglia/NNSL photo

Everything but the kitchen sink

Day care looking for community support

Chris Puglia
Northern News Services

Rankin Inlet (July 02/03) - The Ajajaa Pairivik Daycare is looking to enlist community support to help improve equipment at their facility.

The daycare's operations are funded in part by Kivalliq Partners, but vice president Mary-Lee Sandy-Aliyak said they only receive funds to cover operating costs.

"We need a new stove, freezer and a new fridge," she said.

In all, the purchases are expected to cost the daycare close to $2,500.

So far, through a penny sale, they have raised $353.

Sandy-Aliyak is in the process of recruiting community support to help raise more funds.

Ajajaa wants to run a raffle and they are hoping businesses will donate prizes.

"It could be airfare tickets, a Honda, a Coleman stove, gas, anything," said Sandy-Aliyak.

Aside from the need to upgrade their kitchen, Ajajaa is also looking at the possibility of moving into a new building.

Currently, the facility houses five staff and 15 children. Staff include a manager, Inuktitut teacher and three caregivers.

Sandy-Aliyak said 15 is the maximum number of children allowed in the building.

"Last fall we had 23 kids on the waiting list," she said.

But in order to accommodate more children they need more space, which is expensive in Rankin.

"A new building up North is a lot of money," said Sandy-Aliyak.

That's why she said they have not set a target mark for their fundraising. Instead, they are hoping to raise as much as possible.

"There's no limit," she said.

The Ajajaa daycare is an Inuit-oriented facility, but is not limited to Inuit children.

"All kinds of kids come here and they learn to speak Inuktitut," said Sandy Aliyak.