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Four on the floor

Nominations close for Inuvik Gwich'in

Terry Halifax
Northern News Services

Inuvik (July 18/03) - Nominations closed last week for the chief and council for the Sept. 10 Inuvik Native Band and the Nihtat Gwich'in Council elections.

Margaret Norris of the elections committee said at the close of nominations, four candidates have been nominated for chief: James Firth, Barry Greenland, Harry Carmichael and Richard Nerysoo.

There are 11 nominations for eight seats on the Inuvik Native Band Council.

They are: Herbert Blake Jr., Ruth Goose, Linda McLeod-Lennie, Elizabeth Hansen, Elsie Bodner, Debra English, Robert Charlie, Dwayne DeBastien, Greta Sittichinli, Albert Frost and Melba Mitchell.

There are 19 nominees running for eight seats for the Nihtat Gwich'in Council. They are: Harry Carmichael, Ruth Goose, Tom Wright, Melba Mitchell, Bernice Furlong, James McDonald, Denise Moore-Kurszewski, James Firth, Eliza Firth, Robert Charlie, Richard Nerysoo, Linda McLeod-Lennie, Robert Burke, Petra Firth, Debra English, Herbert Blake Jr., Greta Sittichinli, Dwayne DeBastien and Elizabeth Hansen.

There will be no absentee votes cast in the election.

To qualify to vote in the Inuvik Native Band voters have to be registered status Indians living in Inuvik.

All Gwich'in beneficiaries can vote in the Nihtat Gwich'in election.

Norris said if anyone needs to be added to the voter's list, they can make application for that at the July 21 meeting of council.