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Australian cop in North

Officer wants RCMP programs Down Under

Amy Collins
Northern News Services

Yellowknife (July 18/03) - Australia could use a volunteer auxiliary program like the one RCMP have perfected, says Sgt. Graeme Adcock. <

NNSL Photo

Graeme Adcock thinks the majority of innovative ideas come out of policing from remote and harsh locations. - Amy Collins/NNSL photo

Adcock, a senior officer in Adelaide's criminal investigation branch, visited Iqaluit and Yellowknife recently as part of an exchange program with the RCMP.

"Having a volunteer auxiliary staff at the fingertips of our single police officer stations would be very handy," he said.

Adcock also finds the consultation RCMP officers do with non-European cultures quite extensive. He also likes their risk-management policies.

"Recruiting traditional people has an enormous amount of potential," he said. "We do it, but it's not a well- ordered system."

When Adcock was in Iqaluit, he was awed by how an illiterate person made life decisions based on a police officer's word.

"It showed an enormous amount of confidence and trust in the uniform. To do a lot of stuff like that makes policing a district so important."

RCMP Insp. Greg Morrow liked Adcock's description of how Australian officers deal with alcohol abusers.

"The way they take intoxicated persons to a detox centre is certainly worth exploring and learning," Morrow said.

Adcock said intoxicated citizens are only arrested if they are violent or pose a threat to others or themselves. Australian aboriginals have their own detox centre.

Australian police officers do regular exchanges with the RCMP. Two officers have visited Yellowknife in the last few years and another is set to arrive soon.