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Calling Yellowknifer

Support overwhelming for downtown vendors

Northern News Services

Yellowknife (July 16/03) - This summer, the city began enforcing a 1990 ban on downtown street vendors. Under the current bylaw, only three vendors who had licences prior to that ban are allowed to sell, although none have taken that opportunity.

We asked Yellowknifers to phone our automated voice-mail poll to gauge the public's view. The response was overwhelming.

During the week, we received 75 calls. Of those, 55 people voted yes, that they would like to see street vendors downtown. Four callers voted no. Sixteen others didn't register their vote.

Some people also left comments:

"I think street vendors should be allowed. It's part of the summer. If the restaurants can't handle it, they should think of other people. Everyone has to have an income and have a chance to make a buck or two, not just the big guys with all the money."

"A lot of the councillors and the city power people ... are power-hungry souls whose mere existence hinges on causing some sort of destruction of others. So what I say to them is get with it guys, the times are changing. So dismount your high horses and get on with life."

"I really do think it's unfair for the city not to allow street vendors, at least a limited (number) of people that actually live in Yellowknife to actually become street vendors. It's so not fair. I really wish (council) would reconsider."

"I think street vendors, more street vendors in downtown Yellowknife, would be a wonderful addition to the city in the summer. I'm shocked that (city council) would see this as a problem."

"I don't see any big business offering fresh hot dogs or fresh burgers they way they are cooked on charcoal. I don't think they should be outlawed. There should be as many as there needs to be, definitely more than four or five."

"I think street vendors should be allowed.

"Our summers are short it gives students an opportunity to have work plus it adds some colourful atmosphere to our city."