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New Year's with Attila

Hypnotist brightens up the new year

Tara Kearsey
Northern News Services

Inuvik (Jan 10/03) - Attila the Hypnotist was in town for the New Year to help ring in 2003 with fits of side-splitting laughter.

NNSL Photo

Attila the Hypnotist travelled to Inuvik three times in 2002 and plans to return again this year. - Tara Kearsey/NNSL photo

The 41-year-old Hungarian magician-hypnotist, and his sound technician, Len Braund, put on a hilarious show at The Zoo on New Year's Eve, complete with a brilliant light show and deejay entertainment.

It was Attila's third visit to Inuvik in 2002. And this time he also headed to Fort MacPherson.

"There were a lot of people at both shows. I was the first magician they ever had (in Fort MacPherson) so it was a really great draw for the kids and adults.

"Through the entire one-hour and 15-minute show, you watch their faces and they just go 'Wow,'" said Attila.

In both Mackenzie Delta communities Attila had his audience in hysterics.

"It's a big giggle when I tell them that when they look at me they think I lost my outfit and they think they see me walking on stage naked," he said.

During the show at The Zoo, he told one hypnotized man that he was Spiderman. Then when the subject attempted to climb the walls, Attila told him he had lost his spider powers.

"He was really having a hard time and really frustrated trying to climb all over the place."

One female subject was told she was a 'disco duck'. Every time the '70s song of the same name played over the speakers, the woman began quacking and fluttering around.

"She was shaking her butt and her arms ... her friends got a big kick out of it," said Attila.

The hypnotist and his sidekick were welcomed with open arms wherever they travelled in the Mackenzie Delta. Families invited them to their homes to feast on traditional country foods.

"The farther I go from Edmonton, the more wonderful people become," he said.

In return, Attila demonstrated how to conduct some magic tricks for a few lucky young lads.

"I showed one boy named Brennan a few tricks and I was the star of the night for him probably," he said.

Attila said everyone has what it takes to become a hypnotist. All you need is the right teacher and lots of patience.