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Dog teams get homes

Locations outlined in bylaw

Christine Kay
Northern News Services

Iqaluit (Oct 28/02) - The bylaw-designating specific areas for keeping sled dogs and dog teams in Iqaluit was passed by city council last week.

There were six locations outlined in the proposal.

One of the proposed areas rejected by councillors is known as Lower Dog Creek near the south end of the Iqaluit Airport runway.

Councillor Glenn Williams said having dog teams in that area restricted access to the river.

He said a lot of people are afraid to walk by the creek because of the dogs.

"If they can't get a ride they don't walk past there," said Williams.

Another area brought into question was the sea ice during the winter months.

There was concern among councillors about the safety of children out on the sea ice following the mauling death of a six-year-old girl in March 1998.

Despite then-Coroner Percy Kinney's recommendation that dog teams be kept 500 metres from the community, councillors chose to enforce a distance of 150 metres, or on the outer fringe of the rough ice.

Council felt the safety of the dogs could come into question if they were put on the smooth ice where snowmobiles travel.

Details on other designated areas are available at city hall.